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Want to grow your business and market it better? Here's how we can help...

This workshop series is designed for entrepreneurs who want to work at developing their business' relevance in today's market. Delivered by expert practitioners, these lively workshops will give you practical tips and resources to help you learn how to create a marketing plan, conduct effective market research, and utilize today's various marketing platforms to send a consistent, relevant, and timely message to your audience. The workshops are designed to work in tandem with the one-on-one free and confidential consulting that SBDC offers. You will learn various concepts, strategies and tools in this track that will supplement the free resources and consulting available to you.


a series of workshops for determining your business' relevance in today's market 


Developing a Solid Marketing Plan
Break your marketing plan down into its core elements, including identifying your market niche, developing a marketing strategy, and determining a marketing budget. Each component of the marketing plan will be discussed in detail, and attendees will receive several worksheets to help crystalize key portions of the plan.

Effective Market Research for Small Businesses
Business research is essential for companies that wish to stay in business.  Brush up on your research skills and to discover the wealth of free information available through your public library and other resources.  We will discuss online sources of statistical data on income, expenditures, and demographics including a resource that maps this data, and other resources to help you understand and define the market for your product or service, find your competition, and keep up on industry news. 

Developing an Online Marketing Strategy
In today's market, your online presence is quite often your "first impression" to potential new customers. This workshop is a big-picture overview of strategies for improving your business' visibility and reputation online. We will discuss recommendations for approaching your online visibility and determining which aspects are most important for your particular business. Start your "online marketing plan" as we review the options you have -- including online reviews, optimizing Google My Business and Google Maps, general SEO tactics, social media, and directory listings. You will leave this class with some practical takeaways for developing your online marketing strategy.

Social Media 101 for Small Businesses

Learn how to increase success in your business specifically through the use of social media. This workshop will get you started amplifying your business through discussing concepts and tools for utilizing social media that are relevant to all platforms.


  • Everyone Sells Something: Basic Techniques for Improving Your Sales Game
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Small Businesses
  • Developing & Optimizing Your Business Website
  • Leveraging Facebook & LinkedIn for Small Businesses
  • More!

(Note: each class is offered once per quarter. If you don't see one you're looking for, please call 719-667-3820 to find out the next time it will be offered.)


  • Gil Datz

    Gil Datz

    Social Media & Marketing, Workshop Facilitator

  • Jamie Wagner

    Jamie Wagner

    Marketing, Workshop Facilitator

  • Mark Bittle

    Mark Bittle

    General Business Consulting, Marketing, Strategic Planning

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    Can't make it to the next scheduled workshop? Utilize our free e-learning videos or email us to purchase the recorded session (if available).

    Want to go straight to free consulting? For those not already in business, you will be asked to take "Boot Camp: Steps to Owning Your Business" (offered monthly), as well as one additional relevant workshop, before unlocking the free consulting resources available to you. If you are an existing business, you may register for consulting immediately.

    Want to cancel a class? Cancellations or transfers must be made at least 24 hours in advance. In respect of the speakers' and other attendees' time, please email us or call 719-667-3803 at least 24 hours in advance should you need to cancel your registration.



    As always, SBDC offers free, one-on-one, confidential consulting and mentoring through the life of your business. Register at to schedule your next appointment(s)! 

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